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Tips for organizing the jewelry box

There is nothing you want more for your jewelry than having them stored and protected against damage or loss. That is why organizing your jewelry box is such an important task. Although the task may take some of your precious hours, it is always worth it, as it will ensure that your expensive possessions are always safe. It can also give you easy access to your jewelry when you need them.

Not all jewelers look the same. Some may have two or three compartments, while others have more. Familiarize yourself with the boxes you have to avoid confusion. The largest compartments in the box are reserved for larger pieces of jewelry, such as necklaces, while smaller compartments are for smaller ones.

Prioritize the type of jewelry you have most and place them in the main segment of your box. If you have a large collection of necklaces, for example, allocate a large space to place them. Doing this will facilitate the organization. Proceed to arrange the remaining pieces below only after you have finished with the main jewels.

We should place the jewels that you often wear in a jeweler compartment where you can access them easily. Place them in the top drawer of your drawer type jewelry box or in the most frontal section of a type compartment. Assign a different space for jewelry that you only use on special occasions, in the furthest part of the box.

When storing fragile pieces of jewelry, be sure to place them first in a small bag. Avoid mixing these pieces with other items. Because they are delicate, they can be scratched and damaged when you try to recover other parts. In the same way, be sure to pair all earrings before storing them.

The purpose of organizing your jewelry box is to save time and effort by choosing what type of jewelry to wear. If you are not satisfied with a configuration you have created, choose one that works in your favor. Also visit at: Best jewelry armoires (

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