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Reel lawn mowers: Are they right for you?

For many owners, reel lawn mowers, conjointly called push mowers, are returning as their 1st choice for mowing. There are a variety of fine reasons for this.

Why Manual Lawn Mower are right for you?

Probably, the primary thought for individuals is that the low environmental impact that reel lawn mowers has compared to gas or maybe electrical mowers. Gas mowers cause a stunning quantity of pollutants in terms of noise, furthermore as used and spilled gas and oil. In step with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). In the US, a brand new gas mower produces as several volatile organic compounds and pollutant emissions in one hour of operation as eleven new cars every driven for one hour!

They estimate that it spills quite seventeen million gallons of fuel in the main gas each year by fueling lawn instrumentality. Additionally to groundwater contamination, spilled fuel that evaporates within the air and volatile organic compounds pitted by tiny engines manufacture gas that forms air pollution once deep-fried with heat and daylight. It’s calculable that gas cutters manufacture regarding five-hitter of the nation’s total pollution.

Reel mowers love it most that they’re therefore quiet that they will mow the lawn within the cool of the morning or at gloaming while not worrying their neighbors.

Reel cutters are a lot of easier in your pocket. Once doing the calculations, individuals discover that they come on their investment happens roughly half-dozen months once shopping for the reel cutter. With the worth of gas therefore high and perpetually rising, the breakeven purpose is getting quicker and quicker.

In addition, reel mowers are safer and need less maintenance than alternative forms of mowers. The reel cannot throw tiny objects like rocks or sticks like an electrical or gas pruner. This suggests that you just will cut peacefully, even whereas your kids or pets are being silly the lawn. It’s not possible that you just can catch a finger or toe on the reel and cause a heavy injury as you’d with gas or electrical mowers.

Reel mowers offer a lot of pleasant cut than rotary mowers, since grass blades are cut like scissors rather than torn. This suggests that your lawn is a lot of even, the grass blades are healthier and avoid brown tips. It can combine all this with a greener and healthier lawn.

Lawn mowing for exercise

People usually conjointly select these lawn mowers to exercise. Going outdoors and pushing the lawnmower may be a good way to reconnect with nature, whereas doing a little light-weight and exercise. The house owners report that the employment of a reel lawn mower tool doesn’t extremely take longer than after they used their gas mower, in the main because of the lower weight of the reel lawn tool.

There are some disadvantages for reel mowers. The foremost obvious is that you just ought to push them! This isn’t an inconvenience if you mow the lawn once every week. However, if you let your grass grow a lot of, you will notice it tough to push your lawnmower through the tall grass.

Reel mowers cannot cut or crush tiny twigs, therefore you must check or rake the grass before cutting or apprehend that you just must manually take away from them from the blades. A low twig can catch the blades and stop the reel.

You ought to create many passes over some areas and reel mowers don’t continually get tall and durable weeds the primary time. The cut won’t be as correct as a gas cutter. If you have a big range of weeds on your lawn, this could cause frustration, particularly if you wish an ideal cut the primary time.

We usually think unloading grass clippings on grass about an obstacle for reel mowers. However, we’d not trust this assessment, since exploit the clippings on your lawn permit you to hide the lawn whereas cutting the lawn. To hide well, the crop size should be tiny, so, once again, this works best if you mow the lawn frequently. If you do not, or value more highly to get your clippings, some models even have a grass catcher that comes with them, or they will be purchased severally.

Reel mowers are push through tall grass. If your grass is extraordinarily tall the primary time you chop it, you’ll have difficulties. From that moment, it’ll be easier, however providing you chop frequently. If you a favor to mow the lawn each few weeks, a lawnmower might not work for you.


We believe that reel mowers are a good choice for several reasons; however, they’re not for everybody. If you perceive and are glad with the essential limitations of reel mowers, then following step is to scan the reviews and suggestions to seek out that the best lightweight lawn mower is best for you. The atmosphere and your heart can many thanks.

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